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Amber Khanna

Real estate developer

Our Property Development Courses draw from my experience and my quest for genuine and correct real-life application of academic knowledge behind every aspect of property development.


Best Courses On Property Development For Beginners, Intermediates & Entrepreneurs

Real Estate Development Courses

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There is no such thing as a formal property developer course that can turn someone into a professional property developer in today's world. 

You might find degrees, property development industry diplomas and master's programs in various fields related to the property development industry, such as project management, property management, surveying, accounting, construction management, urban planning & other related fields. 

The property development industry relies upon various professionals. No matter the skill or educational background of the developer, no property developer will ever be able to attain all the professional qualifications & professional accreditations in all the disciplines involved in a development project.

Even if you undertake industry courses & diplomas, it won't qualify you to be a real estate developer because real estate development is an entrepreneurial endeavour. 

It's a game with high stakes and the potential to make or break one's fortune. It's a game where entrepreneurs get tested for their decision-making skills & resourcefulness.

Property development industry professionals are more like the blind man and the elephant. They usually only see what's in front of them rather than the complete picture and would respond to just what you ask of them. 

It is the job of the property developer to see the complete picture, i.e. the complete property development process and then take decisions that will yield the best property development profit for the project.

The following property development courses and training programs are intended to help property investors & developers plan more thoroughly, double-check every step and navigate the inherent complexities of property development and investment more effectively.

All courses have been put together meticulously by drawing from my sleeves rolled up property development & construction experience.

Experience gained by real-life problem solving combined with the right academic knowledge.

Most importantly, these Property Developer courses are designed to help you chose the right Property Development strategy that returns the most significant property development profit in the shortest amount of time in any given property market cycle.

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Whether you are from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Auckland, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Toronto, Ottawa, London, Dublin, Pretoria, Cape Town or Mumbai...

Our property development courses & feasibility applications have been
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Accountants looking to help their clients,
 Economists looking for a career change,
✓ Architects looking to help their clients with feasibilities,
✓ Contractors and builders, sick of making money for the developers,
✓ Quantity surveyors looking to better understand property developments,
✓ Everyday people looking to develop a property they already own,
✓ Full-time developers looking to streamline processes,
✓ Real estate investors looking to take the leap to become property developers

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Property Development Courses

real estate development courses for beginners

Property Development 101

After taking the beginner and intermediate courses, you should have the skills needed and the knowledge to source your first small-medium size townhouse or apartment development project. Conduct your market research, site due-diligence, financial feasibilities, identify a good project from a bad one, negotiate your contract of sale, liaise with required consultants, setup, track and manage your project to completion.

Study full time, part-time or at your own pace, our property developer courses will teach you how to identify development opportunities and make deals where none exist. You'll graduate with a thorough understanding of property development & entrepreneurship in real estate.

Free "Quick-Start" Course


The Quick Start Property Development Course is a short course in property development and the fastest and easiest way to get started in property development. It includes an in-depth overview of the property development process, due diligencefinancial feasibility.

Free Property Development Blueprint


Get the property development blueprint and discover... How you can take the leap from property investor to property developer
without prior experience. I had to work all this out the hard way, and I want to save you the learning curve (and expensive mistakes) I had to go through. Please don't take my word for it; download and see it for yourself.

Property Development Starter Pack


These are a collection of the best property development books that you will find anywhere on the world wide web. I have personally written them to include the complete property development process, financial feasibility, due diligence and development finance for property investors who would like to become a property developer. They give you an overview of all important aspects of property development from start to finish.

Feasibility Study Guide


Our property development feasibility study guide is one of our most downloaded free resource on our website. It is detailed and comprehensive and covers everything you need to know in order to complete a detailed feasibility study for your project.

real estate development courses for
Intermediate To Advanced Level

Courses On Property Development

After taking the intermediate & advanced courses, you should be able to structure No-Money-Down-Deals, Negotiate Options, conduct financial feasibilities on various kinds of property development projects, run your development projects like a property development business & have your own Development Management System as well as a system to track your projects financially in real-time as they progress.

Course Name

Property Mastermind

Mastermind Your 1st Or Next Development

Course Description

Property mastermind is a collection of my step-by-step Frameworks and mind maps Explaining my processes and strategies. Each framework and mind map is explained in detail and comes with accompanying video training. If you are serious about property development, you must not miss this training.

  • My Decision Making Framework: Enables You To Flip, Develop Or Control Any Property…
  • Develop & Create Your Strategy: Answer some reality facing questions before you commit yourself to any property… 
  • Identifying Your Financial Criteria & Your Capacity: Using my simple formula not taught elsewhere…
  • My Development Strategy FrameWork: Explains how every piece of the puzzle comes together to form your strategy...
  • My Analysis Process To Determine The Best Site: Think of this process as a collection of filters that give you the best possible site towards the end of the process...
  • My Analysis Framework To Determine The Highest Best Possible Use Of A Site: Once you have the best site, this process helps you determine the best possible use of the site...

Property Development With No Money

No Money Down Property Development Course


Look over my shoulder as I show you the little-known property development strategies to help you get started in property development with no money...
These are the strategies I used to make $273,000 on a single development… with none of my own money.

Now you can learn to use this fool-proof property development system to find the best development sites quickly and easily…Diffuse the risks by following the simple due diligence checklists… and Follow the project flow-chart to orchestrate the whole development… without using any of your own money.

  • The Real Secret Behind No-Money-Down Deals
  • How To Make Money With No-Money-Down Projects
  • No-Money-Down Revenue Streams Anybody Can Create
  • How To Get Investors to Give You Money
  • Exactly What To Say To Investors


End-To-End Property Development Cost Checklists
Includes both hard and soft costs, as well as detailed residential construction & renovation costs, so you never miss anything.

Intermediate To Advanced Level Courses

Property Development System

Best Real Estate Development Course On The Planet

Course Name

Property Development System

Process Driven Step-By-Step System To Source, Stack And Execute Development Projects Without Prior Experience


Property Development System is a complete property development course that makes you a property developer. The course is structured assuming that you have little or no knowledge of property development and is structured so each module builds on the previous one, giving you everything you need to become a property developer, retire sooner and financially free.

This is a reveal all course with nothing held back. Everything that you need to execute your first property development project is included in this course.

Whether you’re developing a Multi-Unit high-rise, on selling with a permit or development approval, or simply subdividing your backyard, PDS property development course is like having a veteran property developer by your side, guiding you every step of the way.

This course is suitable for property investors, renovators who are looking for a way to enjoy greater returns for less work, property developers, real estate agents, builders and construction contractors, mums and dads and home and land owners who would like to develop their own property or sub-divide land. 

Join the waiting list for our property development workshops or Learn More about Property Development System.

Lead Developer Feasibility Software Suite

Property Development Feasibility Study Courses & Applications For Beginners, Intermediate And Advanced levels. 
Whether you are looking to do a quick feasibility or a detailed one, these property development courses cover everything from basic to projecting advanced cash flows on your development timeline. These courses not only cover theory but go on to detail their practical application in real world using our feasibility applications.

Lead Developer is a suite of 4 powerful feasibility applications for real estate professionals, agents, landowners, property investors, builders & real estate developers.

I've invested over seven years creating & developing property development feasibility applications. These tools were the missing piece of the puzzle I needed to make confident development decisions when I started as a property developer.

From conducting real estate development feasibilities under one minute, planning your complete development using s-curve distributions, custom cost codes, and multiple financing options.

Lead Developer Feasibility Suite is designed to address various feasibility scenarios. 


Property Development Feasibility In Under

  • Know if the project works
  • Know it fast
  • Keep your sanity

If you want to flipdevelop or control any property for profitknow your numbers in under a minute, then one-minute feaso (feasibility) should be your tool of choice. One minute feaso separates the wheat from the chaff, faster, quicker & easier without the need to spend considerable time and resources.


Detailed Development Feasibility Application With Cash Flows Using S-Curve Distributions, Custom Cost Codes & Multiple Financing Options

Comprehensive Feasibility Study Analysis To Determine Highest-Best Use Of A Site, Create Professional Financial Reports, Attract Investors, Get Finance, And Move Forward With Confidence Knowing Exactly How Much Money You’re About To Make In Your Property Development Project. World's First Property Development Feasibility Software To Be Listed On Google Marketplace.


Property Development Feasibility For Projects Spanning Two Years Or Less

Like most developers, do you waste hours looking at properties, trying to figure out if they have any realistic potential? and when you think a property looks good, do you constantly second-guess yourself wondering if you’ve missed something? 

You’re not alone. I used to spend hours getting excited about potential properties – manually calculating figures – only to discover they never had a chance of working


Analyse & Compare Investment Properties In Minutes Instead Of Hours & Days...

When You Buy An Investment Property, You Are Not Really Buying A Physical Property. What You Are Really Buying Is It's Income Stream. So What You Pay For The Investment Property Must Justify The Potential Income & Cash Flow That It Brings In. Most Property Investors Are Oblivious Of What This Means For Their Investment Decision. With Smart Real Estate Investment Analysis, You Can Not Only Figure Out Exactly What Your Investment Is  Worth, You Can Also Compare And Contrast Up to 5 Different Investment Opportunities And Make The Decision Based On Facts And Numbers Rather Than Hunches.

real estate development training & Mentoring Programs

Property Development Mentoring & Support

Course Name

Game On

12 Month Property Development Group Mentoring Program

Course Description:

Looking for a property development mentor? Then Game On - my 12 Month Group mentoring program could be the right fit for you.

It is a Step-By-Step Property Development Group Mentoring That Helps You Find, Vet and Execute Your First (or next) Property Development Project.

Game On is not just a property development course, it is a 12 month action oriented group mentoring program, that aim's to bring together like minded people who are ready to take ACTION NOW. It is for serious individuals who are ready, who are hungry and are willing to TAKE ACTION NOW.

People who are ready to take action and be part of a project, either on their own, or they would like to pool resources with other students to find, vet and execute their first development.

The aim is that you do your first project, either on your own or in a team with other students over the next 12 months. Your project could be related to a
property option, property development and or any kind of development.

Course Name

One-on-One Property Development Mentoring

24 Month 1-on-1 Property Development Mentoring Program

Course Description: 

The Fastest, Surest Way to Become a Successful, Profitable Property Developer.

One-on-one Mentoring is personal, private help to get your first development off the ground fast and jump-start your way to making serious profit as a property developer.

It’s the only way to have direct access to me (Amber), and receive my private assistance to find, vet and execute your first (or next) development, so you can boost (or replace) your savings and retire sooner and financially free.

This program is for individuals who would like to transition into Property Development full time as a career and run their development projects like a property development business.

It is highly likely, that these individuals will become future project partners with me and will represent Property Development System around Australia and internationally.

Property Developer Courses

Get A Head Start With Our Quick-Start Property Developer Course