Whether you are renovating or building a new house, selecting the right contractor is crucial. They can help you in completing the construction project on time and under budget. Here are some details about construction contractors that a developer should know. Roles of a contractor in real estate projectThe major role of a contractor is [ read more…]

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8 Important considerations for property ownershipAny property investment has three ownership stages. It involves buying an investment, enjoying gains, dividends, interest, or other ownership benefits over time, and then selling, inheriting, maturing (in the case of a bond), or otherwise disposing of it. Property ownership cycle:Buy (which can also be an inheritance or some other [ read more…]

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Real estate forecasting methodsThere is no real estate without forecasting. Even if you are buying a property to live in, you are still making a forecast about the future – how long you will live there, what the market will be like when it comes time to sell, etc. There are three popular forecasting methods [ read more…]