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Property Development Feasibility Calculator

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The Smart Feasibility Calculator Helps Developers Find Profitable Property Development Projects...

Solving The Most Time Consuming Component Of Property Development...

Finding And Stacking Deals

Like most developers, do you waste hours ๐Ÿง looking at properties, trying to figure out if they have any real potential? And when you think a property looks good, do you constantly second-guess yourself ๐Ÿค” wondering if youโ€™ve missed something?

Youโ€™re not alone. I used to spend hours getting excited about potential properties โ€“ manually calculating figures โ€“ only to discover they never had a chance of working.

Or, by the time I was confident to move ahead with a property, someone else had already snapped it up. And I was left defeated and starting my search from scratch (again). 

How I Find Development Opportunities Quickly And Easily

I got sick of wasting time looking for potential development properties online. So, I bought a bunch of expensive property development feasibility tools that promised to make the process faster. One cost a whopping $4000.

But they were all too complicated & had massive learning curves, and just slowed me down more.

Knowing a thing or TEN ๐Ÿ˜‰ about spreadsheets (from all my university study), I took some advanced financial modelling courses and decided to create my own feasibility tools.

It took more than three years and 1500+ hours to get right. But the result is a tool that does all the hard work for you.

It allows you to โ€˜vetโ€™ properties and find the best opportunities fast.


My Name Is Amber Khanna And I'm A Property Developer

The Smart Feasibility Calculator is the most valuable tool I use every single day. No kidding โ€“ I donโ€™t know what I did without it. It is so EASY to use that even people with little or no knowledge can do a professional property development feasibility on any project. 

You Will Find Smart Feasibility Calculator & Training Easy To Use And Implement No Matter Where You Are In Your Journey As A Developer Or Property Investors.

Smart Feasibility Calculator Is Unique Because Itโ€™s Built And Taught By A Real Developer Who Started Out From Zero And No Prior Knowledge Of Property Development, But Went On To Complete More Than $65 Million In Successful Projects With Many More In Pipeline At Any Given Time.


Here's What You Can Expect
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[Smart] Development Feasibility Calculator

Run financial feasibility for any "Develop & Sell" development project to determine potential profits for residential, commercial or mixed-use development

Introducing SFC v7.0

  • Fast, easy to use and smart - Makes complex calculations easy and super fast, so you can get on with your work without the fuss.
  • Improved design for a modern look - Completely redesigned with a sleek, intuitive interface that makes it simple to get the results you need.
  • Intelligent calculations in the background - Takes care of all the complex calculations for you, so you can focus on getting the answers you need quickly and easily.
  • Professional results without all the clunkiness - Get professional results without all the hassle - it's as easy as inputting your data and clicking a button.
  • Turns even a 12 year old, into a real estate professional in minutes - Redesigned to take away all the complexity so even a 12-year-old can fill in the details.

Watch the video below, check out the published web version or download a sample development feasibility report.


No More Struggling To Calculate Figures Manually

If You Can Fill Out A Form You Can Use Smart Feasibility Calculator. It's easier than a Real Estate Pro Forma.

No More Missing Out On The Best Deals

Stop Wasting Time On Properties With No Potential. Make Sure That You Understand The Most Important Principle When Conducting Financial Feasibility.

No More Waiting, What You Were Looking For Is Already Here

The Biggest Challenge For Anyone Starting Out As A Developer Is Being Able To Get The Numbers Right And Get Them Right Quickly And Easily. Thankfully Now You Can With Smart Feasibility Calculator.

No More Disappointment Over Properties You Thought Had Potential

Know If A Project Is Good Or No Good Fast Without wasting time or reinventing the wheel.

No More Ambiguity & Second Guesses

I Show You Exactly How To Make Good Estimates Based On Averages For Construction And Other Costs Involved.

Run Multiple Contingency Scenarios With 1-Click

Ever Wondered If The Costs Go Up By X% And The Sale Values Go Down By X% - How Would This Impact Your Feasibility? With Smart Feasibility Calculator You Can Run Multiple Contingency Scenarios With 1-Click.

Select GST & VAT Percentages As Applicable Or
Select "Not Applicable" To Turn Off All
GST & VAT Calculations


Why Do You Have Funding Table In [Smart] Property Development Feasibility Calculator?

In a nutshell, to make sure that we don't run out of money halfway through the project. That's the simplest answer. Lenders will always use one, but when we use it - we plan our development and our cash outflow, 1 step ahead. 

If we have a table that lists all our project costs and we have the flexibility to ascertain if and what percentage of it will be funded, we can estimate the total cost, the bank is likely to consider for our project. 

Which in turn will affect what we can borrow, which will have a direct impact on the amount of money that we need to have to do the project? 

Important: The only way to maximize the return on your own money is by using as little as possible & completing your project as early as possible.

Learn more: Property development feasibility study


Simply Punch Some Basic Numbers Into The Smart Feasibility Calculator And In Seconds It Spits Out All The Answers Includingโ€ฆ


Development Margin On Cost & Revenue

Feel confident in your business decisions. 

Calculate potential profits more accurately & know exactly how much profit your development project will make on total project costs & total revenue.

The development margin is a fancy way of expressing how much money you're about to make on cost & revenue. SFC does exactly that; it calculates the development margin on cost and revenue separately and breaks it all down per unit & by area.


Return On Equity & Equity Multiple

Get a realistic estimate of the equity you need & know exactly what return you will make on your money.

You'll know exactly how much money to raise and for how long. Stop struggling and feeling overwhelmed - this calculation will light the way. It considers how much equity you need, for how long and what return you can enjoy on it for the duration of the project. Expressed using 2 distinct metrics, Return On Equity (ROE), Equity Multiple (EMx)


Sources & Uses

You, "What are sources & uses, never heard of it?"

Me, "What? Your high flying developer coach never mentioned this concept in the last course(s) you did?"

Let me explain

In any development feasibility calculation, your sources of funds must equal the total uses of funds. It's a high-level balance sheet of your feasibility template. You know the smart developers who build their own excel based calculators; this is where their calculations fall apart. 

In other words, the total development costs of a project must equal the total debt + equity in the project. If sources of funds are not equal to uses of funds, you have allocated certain costs in the project but have not allocated either debt or equity to fund them. And that's a sure shot way to come undone in the middle of a project.

In SFC, we perform a check every time any calculation is updated. And if instead of the Green Dot ๐ŸŸข, you see the Red Dot ๐Ÿ”ด, it means that the calculations have gone wrong somewhere. 


Hurdle Rate & Target Development Margin

Have you ever wanted to lock in a profit margin for yourself, even before starting a project?

Smart feasibility calculator allows you to do exactly that. This calculation shows you the residual value of land, based on a target development margin, aka hurdle rate, to ensure that you never pay more for land than it's worth.

SFC protects your development project by ensuring that, based on your assumptions of costs & the profit margin you wish to make, the land is NOT worth more than what you're paying for it.

Calculate the residual value of the land before you buy it to make sure you're getting a good deal. Never overpay for land again, and know exactly what a piece of land is worth before buying it.


Benchmark Construction Costs

Feel confident that you're making a smart investment.

Apart from the purchase price, nothing costs more than construction. This calculation shows you how much construction will cost in relation to all costs and the total end sales, so you can check your margins are within range and confirm the deal is worth pursuing.


Developers Equity Contribution & Debt

Make the smart decision and bring your project home with the right amount of resources.

The hardest thing to figure out in any development project is how much equity is needed to complete the project. Most seasoned developers do not have the necessary property development skills to do this calculation. 

Get a precise equity figure in under 2 minutes & save time and money by not over-or underestimating your project costs. 

SFC gives you this number based on your assumptions with the press of a button. So take the guesswork out of development & know you're making the right decision for your project.


Residential, Commercial Or Mixed Use

Get a more accurate estimate for your project and make the most informed decision possible for your development project.

Feel confident that you're making the right choice for your project and saving time and money using a professional calculator.
SFC is suitable for Residential, Commercial Or Mixed Use development projects. It allows you to calculate revenue and construction costs separately for your residential and commercial units. Both are inherently different and require a different calculation method to arrive at the end value.


Land Acquisition & Construction Loan

Your creative deal-making does not have to be a disadvantage when doing feasibility studies.

Take advantage of how you have structured your deal by using a different interest rate for your land acquisition loan & construction loan if required.

It is seldom that your project will move straight into construction post-closing or settlement in real life. Even if you have a
construction loan approved, you will have a lag before the construction loan is released, subject to you getting your pre-sales.

SFC allows you to first settle on
land using a land acquisition loan where you can use a different interest rate and then refinance it into a construction loan later down the track.


Contingency Scenarios & Sensitivity Analysis

See how your development project will fare in any situation.

Be prepared and protect your investment and ensure a healthy profit by mitigating risks and preparing for the worst. Sleep at night knowing everything about your project and feel confident in making decisions.

SFC shows you how the project's bottom line will be affected if things don't go exactly according to plan.

It shows you what happens to 5 different metrics if your assumed costs & sales increase or decrease:
1) Development's potential profit,
2) Development margin on cost,
3) Development margin on revenue,
4) Return on equity and
5) Residual value of land

By using these sensitivity tables, you can be prepared and see through the worst-case scenario beforehand. So when you move ahead with the project, you do so with a plan.

Hereโ€™s What People Are Saying About
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Loved your Smart Calculator. Great when on the road and in a hurry to get quick overall picture of a development worth pursuing or not. Well done.

Peter mason




I was impressed โ€“ your โ€œBoEโ€ models are more detailed and well presented than most Iโ€™ve seen.

Bill Rodney

Senior Lecturer In Real Estate Finance, Investment And Valuation At Cass Business School & Director I-Analysis Training

Free Bonus Worth $997
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Property Development Feasibility Calculator

Smart Feasibility Calculator Application Training As Well As
Comprehensive Advance Feasibility Training Included Free With Your Subscription

Module 1: Property Development Feasibility Study

See the Smart Feasibility Calculator in action on real properties. Watch as I punch in the figures and analyze the results. Youโ€™ll be amazed at how quick and easy it is. In less than 5 minutes, youโ€™ll be confidently doing your own feasibility assessments and finding potential deals.

Module 2: Property Development Process

This is the ultimate birds-eye-view of the whole development process, strategies and activities, from finding potential sites to selling or renting the finished property. Here I reveal the 3 Cโ€™s for Property Developers and the best strategies to follow for quick success.

Module 3: The Purpose Of Financial Feasibilities

This is the โ€˜Show Me The Moneyโ€™ section where you see exactly how to make money developing property. Discover the 3 types of Financial Feasibilities (with real examples) and what banks look for in feasibilities.

Module 4: Development Constraints

Winning the game begins with understanding the rules. Discover critical insights about planning and zoning, legal and contractual, physical limitations, market, environmental and financial considerations, and learn how to set project limits. These are the disciplines that minimize risk and maximize profits.

Module 5: Identifying Property Development Costs

Profit is NOT the amount you sell your properties for, itโ€™s the difference between the sales price and the costs incurred along the way (itโ€™s amazing how people forget that!). This module outlines all the direct and indirect costs, so you know exactly what to expect with no nasty surprises.

Module 6: Decision Metrics

Figures mean little until you know what they should be. Discover what a good return looks like. And how to make decisions based on the figures in your feasibility.

Module 7: Advanced Decision Metrics

Includes detailed explanation with examples of advanced decision metrics like Time Value Of Money, NPV, IRR, Discounted Cashflows and much more.