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Are you sick and tired of being deceived by shady investment property ads?

Don't fall for the phony yield claims they peddle!

You deserve to know the REAL yield, not some fake number they pulled out of thin air.

You Are Not buying a property, but an income stream...

When you buy an investment property, you are not really buying a physical property. What you are really buying is it's income stream. So what you pay for the investment property must justify the potential income & cash flow that it brings in.

Most property investors are oblivious of what this means for their investment decision. With smart real estate investment analysis aka real estate pro forma, you can not only figure out exactly what your investment is worth today, you can also analyse what it will be worth in 5, 10, 15 or 50+ years from today.

Smart REIA - the real estate pro forma i.e. it is essentially a real estate investment analysis software that analyses investment opportunities and help you make the decision based on facts and numbers rather than hunches.

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Smart REIA

Real Estate Pro Forma software


Save Hours

Analyze and compare properties in minutes so you can avoid expensive mistakes and missed opportunities. Quickly duplicate scenarios, change assumptions and compare metrics

Calculate True value

Find out what a property is really worth based on the cash flow it brings in and a target return, so you don’t pay a cent more than you should

Discounted Cash Flow

Value your investment based on the future cashflows that it brings and avoid nasty surprises

Lifetime overview

Perform analysis and financial projections (for as many years as you like) to get an overview of the life of your investment

Decision Metrics

Learn what to look for in a solid investment property (the quickest, easiest way to compare similar properties)

Share & Publish

Publish & share project summary and cash flow with other investors and clients easily

Which Of These property investment challenges are slowing you down?

  • Like many property investors, do you spend hours trying to find, analyse and compare properties online – creating a confusion of spreadsheets, word docs and hand-written notes trying to find a solid investment?
  • Do you worry you may miss things, make mistakes, and put your hard-earned savings at risk?
  • Do you feel frustrated when you lose out on properties because you can’t analyse and compare them before another investor snaps them up?
  • Do you worry about making decisions without having all the information you need – things like break even ratios, profit and loss, and accurate projections (including yield and capital gains) for the life of the property?
  • And like most property investors, do you wish there was a simple, affordable tool to help you analyse and compare properties in minutes instead of hours, so you can accelerate your portfolio and wealth?

“His Step By Step Process Gives You Assurance To Move Forward With Confidence”

Coming from a non-property background, I have found the approach amber uses and goes through in the course, very meticulous. It has helped me to develop confidence in decision making and finding the right investment property.

Rachel Colombo | Property Investor

Amber Khanna

How Smart REIA - The Real Estate Pro Forma Helps You Find Better Investment Opportunities
Faster And With More Confidence


Smart REIA: Real Estate Pro Forma Software Helps You To Analyse and ascertain true value of an investment property In Minutes Instead Of Hours

Unlike other programs that are slow and complicated to use, Smart REIA - the real estate pro forma is simple & intuitive, takes just minutes to master and works from the palm of you hand.

Yet it gives you a complete analysis over numerous data points including break even, profit and loss, and full projections for UNLIMITED years (including yield and capital gains).

In Short, It’s The Tool Every Property Investor Needs…

  • Because it saves you hours analyzing and comparing properties
  • Because it empowers you with the information you need to avoid expensive mistakes and missed opportunities
  • Because it enables you to invest with confidence based on facts and figures
  • Because it gives you the projections you need to make long-term plans
  • Because it gives you clear answers and helps you find better properties

Smart Real Estate Investment Analysis The Real Estate Pro Forma Software In Action

Watch this video to see how smart REIA enables you to analyse and compare 5 properties in a matter of minutes [start at 16min:48sec - feel free to watch the full video on youtube]

How Smart Real Estate Investment Analysis Works?

Step 1: Property-Specific Information (< 60 seconds) - Enter property-specific information like purchase price, year of purchase, area, rentable or leasable area, legal costs etc.

Step 2: Specify Finance Assumptions (< 30 seconds) - Enter annual interest rates, loan to value ratio or loan to cost. Specify the interest only period, loan and analysis term, loan setup and exit fees.

Step 3: Income (< 60 seconds) - Enter weekly or annual rent, escalation rates, vacancy and credit allowance and your target discount rate. You can also specify any ancillary income for each individual year that the property might generate via vending machines, laundromat etc.

Step 4: Operating Expenses (< 2 minutes) - Smart REIA allows you to enter unlimited line items for various operating expenses, including management fees, administrative expenses, advertising and promotion, repairs and maintenance, turnover costs, supplies, contract services, gardening, cleaning etc. Each with their own level of escalation as well as the ability to allow certain expenses in manually selected year(s).

Three levels of escalation
1. Blanket escalation - allows you to specify 1 constant escalation applied to the entire holding period.
2. Annual escalation - allows you to specific a different escalation rate for each holding period.
3. Manual escalation - allows you to add an escalated amount individually to each period for any operating expense cost centre.

Step 5: Other Settings [Amortisation and Depreciation] (< 60 seconds) - Smart REIA allows you to also enter capital improvements for each individual year manually. You can also using a depreciate schedule, add depreciation to real property, capital improvements separately. You can account for any amortisation and closing costs as well as any interest earned.

Step 6: Sale & Reversion Value (< 60 seconds) - Smart REIA gives you three options to arrive at the terminal value of the asset. Terminal or reversion value is the value of the property at the end of your holding period. With Smart REIA, you have an option to arrive at the end sale value in 3 different way. 

1. You can manually enter a value.
2. You can use a historical capital growth rate for the area to arrive at reversion value.
3. You can use the Net operating Income / Capitalisation rate method to calculate the terminal value of the property. 

Step 7: Your real estate pro forma is now ready. Smart REIA offer a comprehensive project summary page with numerous decision (property) metrics that help you make a decision. Here is a copy of a published report you can interact with: Example - Real Estate Pro Forma Report

Real estate pro forma cash flow report. Above is a walkthrough of a real estate pro forma cash flow report.

Smart REIA - Real estate pro forma comparison. With Smart REIA, you can easily duplicate a project, change assumptions, holding period, expenses, interest rates etc. without having to re-enter the data and compare results of the same or different properties to make a decision.

Because each pro forma can be published, you can open any number of tabs in your browser window to compare "n" number of properties and see how they will perform with different assumptions.

Why Smart REIA - The Real Estate
Pro Forma
Is Better Than
Cumbersome Excel Templates?

With so many real estate pro forma softwares and excel templates on the market can it be confusing. And the last thing you need is another waste-of-money tool sitting on your laptop. Here is a brief summary of some of the powerful (and unique) features included in Smart REIA (Real Estate Investment Analysis)
The Real Estate Pro Forma Software

Calculates True Value

One of the keys in choosing a solid investment property is knowing (upfront) what cash flow the property will provide over the life of ownership.

This includes operating cash flow from rent as well as proceeds from a sale at some point in the future.

A present value (PV) of future cashflow gives you the true value in today’s dollars so you can easily compare multiple properties and ensure you never overpay.

Calculates True Profit

When choosing a property, too many investors only consider basic figures like purchase price, rental return, and likely capital gains.

This often results in nasty surprises like a negative cashflow property that vacuums money from your wallet every month and puts stress on your family budget.

It can also stall your portfolio because your equity position does not allow you to continue investing.

Smart REIA: real estate pro forma software factors in all expenses including vacancy rates to give you the breakeven ratios and true profit of a property (over its life) so you can plan with confidence.

Calculates Interest And Amortization

The way you structure the purchase and finance of your investment is just as important as the property you choose.

Smart REIA: real estate pro forma software allows you to compare finance options including interest only, principle plus interest (and different combinations), payment schedule, compound interest, and the effect of ad-hoc and delayed payments.

This all goes into giving you an accurate profit and loss statement for each property.

Calculates Ratios And Gains

Sadly, too many investors calculate capital gains incorrectly, failing to include improvements, depreciation and gain on sale.

Smart REIA: real estate pro forma software not only includes these essential factors, it gives you a break-even and debt coverage ratio to satisfy lenders, making it easier for you to get finance.

Calculates Yield And Returns

Smart REIA: real estate pro forma software shows you all profit scenarios including return on investment (ROI), internal rate of return, cash-on-cash (equity dividend return), cash-on-cash vs alternative return, and total potential return so you know exactly where you stand before you sign anything.

Calculates Equity Growth

Too many investors hit a plateau because their equity position prevents them from moving ahead with more investment properties.

Smart REIA: real estate pro forma software gives you your equity position at any point including total equity, equity growth, and growth on equity return so you can plan the growth of your entire portfolio and accelerate your wealth.

Calculates Rental Yields

Comparing yields on different types of properties can be as confusing as comparing phone plans!

Smart REIA: real estate pro forma software calculates different types of rental yields and gives you an apple-to-apple comparison so you know which property will put more in your pocket.

Comparative Analysis

Smart REIA: Real estate pro forma software gives you the ability to compare as many properties with as many different assumptions as you prefer with a click of a button.

Works In Any Country For Residential And Commercial Property

Smart REIA: Real estate pro forma software takes just minutes to use and gives you a comprehensive analysis and comparison for both residential and commercial property.

And unlike other programs that only work in their country of creation, smart REIA allows you to manually add tax, depreciation and government charges to its calculations so it works in all counties.

About The Creator


I'm  Amber Khanna, creator of Smart REIA: 

Amber Khanna is a hands-on property investor and developer who has successfully completed $65 million in residential and small commercial developments since 2012 and has numerous projects currently in motion.

What’s more, Amber has achieved Masters, Bachelors and post graduate diplomas in business, finance & accounting disciplines. He holds 3 diplomas and 4 certificates in building and finance and financial modelling disciplines and he is also a REIV agents representative.

Amber draws from his academic and hands-on experience to create practical tools like Smart REIA, Smart Feasibility Calculator, Lead Developer Feasibility Suite that help you accelerate your portfolio and wealth. He also helps armchair investors make exciting double-digit passive profits (no time, effort or knowledge required). And of course, he continues to invest in and develop properties himself.