Mastermind Your 1st
(or Next) Development
7 Day Challenge

Get the industry knowledge & the feasibility software you need to mastermind your first (or next) development project
with clarity, confidence & competence in the next 7 days

Freedom is Just One Project Away

Back In 2012, when I started, I sat through numerous $5k Weekend Seminars and they still didn't give me the right information, let alone actionable frameworks.

This 7 Day Mastermind Challenge is not just a course. It includes my step-by-step, decision-making frameworks, my go to feasibility tool to vet projects in under One Minute & actionable mind maps showing you my property development process, and property selection strategies.

Amber Khanna property developer

If you are serious about property development, this 7 Day Challenge must not be missed because the clarity, confidence and competence that you will get after completing this property development course
will put you leaps and bound ahead of others in the game.

Please Check All Of The Questions
Where Your Answer is YES!

  • Do you want to do your first development project but have no idea where to start?
  • Do you already have projects you are looking at, but for some reason, you’re feeling stuck?
  • Do you want direct access to an expert who can help you get clarity, narrow your research, help you FOCUS and address any questions you have?
  • Do you wish to to break out of the property investment mindset and want the freedom to manufacture your own equity?
  • Are you convinced that Property Development is the way forward for you, but aren’t quite sure what steps to take?
  • Are you about to embark on your next project, and want to make sure that it’s a huge success?

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above,

Then I Want To Invite You To Join The '7 Day Mastermind' Challenge And Change Your Property Development Journey Forever!

So, Here is How The
7 Day Mastermind Challenge Works...

Edge-Property Mastermind

Unlock the secrets to potential profits and necessary equity for your projects with our USD $297 Challenge. This isn't just an investment in training materials; it's your key to actionable frameworks and lifetime access to One Minute Feaso (worth USD $897 on it's own). Miss this, and you'll stay in the dark about how much your project could really earn you.

Our modules go beyond the ordinary with a unique "Test Your Knowledge" feature. These quizzes and exercises aren't just optional extras; they're invaluable tools designed to reinforce your knowledge and spur you into action.

Immerse yourself in practical "To Do" exercises, research assignments, varied tasks, and reflective questions all crafted to solidify your learning and push you to apply what you've learned in real-world scenarios.

With each lesson, we don't just invite but urge you to measure your understanding, ask questions, and engage with us directly. Simply hit the REPLY BUTTON under each lesson to share your thoughts, discoveries, or assignments.

Seize this chance to get personalized feedback from Amber himself, ensuring you're on the path to success.

If life has ever put your property dreams on hold, now's your chance to rekindle that fire. Embrace the
7-Day Challenge and find your way back to your aspirations with a clear, attainable plan.

I could easily charge $1000+ or more for this
7 Day Mastermind Challenge, Lifetime Access To One Minute Feaso application alone is $897, but...

All you pay is $297!

Then In Exchange For That Tiny
You Get All Of This Without The Risk

Bonus - Before You Start

Unlock the secret to mastering property development with Amber's Property Development System. Ditch the outdated, oversimplified process approach and embrace a holistic system that tackles real-world complexities head-on.

From due diligence to understanding market cycles, this system equips you with the knowledge to navigate the unpredictable terrain of property development.

Amber's firsthand experience has shaped a roadmap that goes beyond traditional teachings, offering you a clear, comprehensive guide to making informed decisions and achieving success in the dynamic world of property development. 

Start your journey today and transform your vision into reality with confidence.

Day 1 - Cornerstones of property development

Dive into the world of real estate success where the secret weapon lies not in what's built, but in knowing the pulse of your market. Uncover how expert market research transforms the blueprint of your next project, ensuring every square foot meets the unspoken desires of your target audience.

Imagine a strategy so tailored, it speaks directly to the dreams of your customers, turning every property into a coveted address. This isn't just development; it's the art of crafting demand. Join Amber, where insight meets innovation, and discover the key to unlocking your project's potential.

Day 2 - My decision-making framework

Making decisions about developing property doesn't have to be difficult! Step into the realm of real estate development mastery with our Decision-Making Framework, your exclusive guide to navigating the complexities of the market with confidence.

Discover how deep insights into market research can illuminate the path to your project's success, guiding every decision from concept to completion. This isn't just information; it's your roadmap to understanding the pivotal difference between mere ideas and profitable realities.

Unveil the strategic secrets that will arm you with the power to not only anticipate but capitalise on the ever-changing market dynamics. Prepare to transform uncertainty into opportunity, turning every challenge into your advantage. This powerful framework will show you what dictates development decisions, your options, constraints and your success factors.

Day 3 - Your strategy

Do you want to make the right investment choices for yourself and your future?

Unlock the blueprint to transformative success in property development with our exclusive insight into crafting an unbeatable investment strategy. Discover the pivotal role of mindset in navigating the complex world of property investment, where resilience transforms obstacles into stepping stones.

Delve into the critical financial calculations that set the foundation for profitable projects, and learn how developing property from the ground up can significantly enhance profit margins and equity gains compared to traditional purchases. Don't let your dreams be limited by your financial situation! With this easy-to-use formula, you can identify the financial criteria for a project that will best suit your needs.

Explore the dynamic between short-term wins and long-term wealth creation, and see how joint ventures and expert knowledge can amplify your success. This isn't just about property development; it's about setting the stage for unparalleled financial growth and strategic mastery.

Day 4 - Development Strategy

Ready to master the art of property development?
Unlock the frameworks to real estate development mastery with our strategic guide, where every step is a leap towards unparalleled success. Dive into the complexities of site acquisition, where factors like infrastructure and topography set the stage for potential.

Explore the financial viability of your dreams with our deep dive into financial feasibility, ensuring your project's profitability is not just a hope but a meticulously calculated certainty. Navigate the intricacies of ownership structures, where the right choice propels your project forward with optimal management and tax advantages.

Master the art of product type decisions, aligning your strategy with the pulsing demand of the market. This isn't just about building properties; it's about crafting legacies. Step into a realm where objectives meet outcomes, and every decision is a cornerstone of your empire.

Day 5 - Highest Best Use

What makes a development financially invincible?
My Highest Best Use Framework is the perfect framework for property developers looking to determine the most effective purpose of a potential site. This comprehensive analysis framework helps you determine the highest best use of your site, so you can make the most of your investment. 

This powerful analysis framework will help you identify the very best use for any site, so you can make sure your project is maximized from day one.

Say goodbye to investing in projects that don’t live up to their promise. With our strategy, you'll exceed market expectations, turning your vision into a lasting legacy. Ready to see your project reach its highest potential?

Day 6 - One Minute Feaso [$897 Lifetime Access Included]


Feasibility study in 4 steps – and in under One Minute?

Discover the shortcut to mastering development feasibility with One Minute Feaso. In just four easy steps, transform your approach to property development, whether residential, commercial, or mixed-use.

Start with base assumptions, define your project, navigate development and finance costs effortlessly, and finalize your feasibility study with confidence.

One Minute Feaso simplifies complex analyses, giving you a comprehensive summary and sensitivity analysis at your fingertips, even on your mobile device. Make informed decisions and impress stakeholders with precision and ease. Isn't it time your vision became a profitable reality?

Step into the realm of financial mastery with our transformative guide! Discover how shifting your mindset can unlock doors to wealth you never imagined possible.

Dive into our step-by-step journey that demystifies saving, investing, and taking decisive action towards accumulating wealth. It's not just about dreaming big; it's about making those dreams a reality sooner than you think.

Whether you're just starting or looking to elevate your financial game, our insights will set you on a path where money worries become a thing of the past, and financial freedom is within your grasp.

Are you ready to command your financial future and craft a legacy of abundance?

Embark on your property development journey with confidence! Our FAQ section is tailored for pioneers like you, offering instant answers, deep insights, and the power to make informed decisions.

No question is small and no query insignificant. Ask without hesitation, ask anything and post your specific scenario to get feedback from Amber and the community. Dive into a world where every question propels you closer to success, and our community stands ready to support. 

Don't let questions hold you back—every query is an opportunity for growth. Join us, and together, let's pave the way to building your legacy in property development.

BONUS 1: 18 x Property Development Books Bundle [$97 Included]

607+ pages of to point property development insights covering all aspects of the industry spanning 18 x property development ebooks...

Property Development books starter pack

Property Development Checklist - 6 Pages
✓ How To Finance Your Property Development Project? - 13 Pages
✓ Property Development Team - 19 Pages
✓ Site Acquisition Process - 14 Pages
✓ The Ultimate Guide To Getting Started In Property Development - 42 Pages
✓ My Secret Property Development Process - 28 Pages
✓ How To Nail Your Next No Money Down Deal? - 29 Pages
✓ Industry Insiders Guide To Managing Risks In Property Development - 26 Pages
✓ How To Become A Property Developer? - 41 Pages
✓ Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Property Developer? - 12 Pages
✓ 7 Common Mistakes Made By Property Developers & How To Avoid Them? - 12 Pages
✓ 5 Reasons, Buy & Hold Property Investors Fail At Property Development - 16 Pages
✓ 10 Financial Mistakes Made By Property Investors & Developers - 54 Pages
✓ My 26 Question Due Diligence Checklist - 21 Pages
✓ Property Development 101: The Feasibility Study - 34 Pages
✓ Property Development 101: Construction Guide - 55 Pages
✓ Property Development Blueprint - 66 Pages
✓ Your Definitive Guide To Property Options - 36 Pages

Bonus 2: 18 x Property Development Advanced Books Bundle [$297 Included]

Looking for an edge in the property development game?

This Advanced Property Development Books Bundle is for you. 572+ pages chock-full of insights on residential + commercial property development and investment, this bundle includes 18 x ebooks. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, these books will take your development game to the next level.

Property Development advanced books bundle

 7 Real Estate Negotiation Tactics That Win More Deals - 25 pages
 7 Easy Steps To Market Your New Development Project - 30 pages
 Improve Your Development Game With Development Economics - 40 pages
 How To Get Development Approval FAST? - 49 pages
 Advanced Real Estate Market Analysis In 13 Easy Steps - 34 pages
 Invest In Commercial Property To Achieve Your Investment Goals - 22 pages
 10 Finance Options For Your Next Property Development Project - 29 pages
 13 Golden Rules Of Investing In Commercial Real Estate - 28 pages
 6 Ways To Invest In Commercial Real Estate – The Complete Guide
 Commercial Development 101: Become an Expert - 34 pages
 Definitive Guide To Commercial Property Investment - 24 pages
 A Beginner’s Guide To Apartment Development (Tips & Principles) - 33 pages
 How To Build Townhouses And Develop Villas Successfully? - 41 pages
 How To Sell A Commercial Property In Record Time? - 25 pages
 Raw Land Development - What you need to know - 34 pages
 Single Family Homes: Learn Property Development Without Financial Risk - 33 pages
 What Exactly Is Equity Finance And How Does It Work? - 42 pages
Real Estate Market – 6 Tips for Timing The Market - 19 pages

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- One Minute Feaso (Lifetime Access) - $897
- Starter Pack (Books Bundle) - $97
- Advanced Books Bundle - $297

Total $1588 $297

And if you do not like the 7 day challenge, or the books
or support from Amber or lifetime access to One Minute Feaso...

ask for a refund within 7 days of investing and we will issue
a full refund - no questions asked.

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