Property Development Workshop

The only, "process-driven" step-by-step system that enables you to know your numbers...
So you can flip, develop or control...
Any property for profit...without prior experience

3 Days of non-stop, hands-on, action packed portfolio explosion strategies, that you can put to use instantly.


Property Development WorkShop
That Imparts Real Skills

Property development system workshop is an all-inclusive property development course structured into a predictable system that mimics a real life development project. The property development workshop unfolds exactly the same way a real life development project would. Starting from finding your site all the way to your investment strategy. It’s truly the quickest, easiest, most secure way for developing property successfully and becoming a property developer. And it includes everything you need to create the life you’ve always wanted as a property developer including…

Real Life Case Studies...

Bring your laptop to crunch numbers & conduct due diligence on real life case studies

Add Value Out Of Thin Air...

How to literally create money out of thin air (stop trading hours for dollars – use this secret to put more in your pocket in one day than you currently earn in a month)

Practical Live Exercises...

We'll jump online during the workshop and dissect any project... (due diligence, feasibility, finance & how I would approach it with little or no money..)

Find 'Juicy Deals Fast'...

The best ways to find ‘juicy’ deals fast (without staring at your computer screen for hours every night feeling ‘brain dead’ and exhausted)

Get All The Money You Need...

How to get all the money you need from banks or investors (Even if you’re starting from scratch and have no money – or equity – of your own)

Manage Projects Like A Breeze...

The little-known resources and ‘hacks’ that make managing each project a breeze (with these secret time-savers you can complete your first project while still working full time, multiply your earnings, and grow your asset base for the future)

Listening For Signals...

The ‘silent signals’ that tell you an area is about to boom (listen carefully and you’ll make money before your development even begins)

The Truth About Property Clocks...

The truth about the ‘property clock’ and ‘market cycles’ (and the 8 simple components of property economics that make it easy to find development deals whenever you like)

Legal Mistakes Even Pro's Make...

Legal mistakes even pros make (and how to make sure you protect yourself and your family from expensive – and unnecessary – loss)

Dealing With Councils...

Dealing with councils and getting approvals is a minefield, right? It can be. But when you follow my system you’ll set yourself up for ‘smooth sailing’ (get this wrong and your entire project – and money – could be tied up for years)

Get Top Quality Work Without Getting Ripped Off...

The secret to dealing with builders and tradies (and how to get top quality work without being ripped off)

Make Every Project Profitable...

Why many developers make no real money (or lose their shirts) and the steps you can take to ensure every project puts money in your pocket

Real Estate Marketing

How to make sure you project will sell before you commit a cent (and how to get top dollar fast)

Proprietary Processes...

Property development system’s proprietary 3 step process to minimize, manage and contain risk from start to finish

And Heaps More...

And heaps more to help you become a ‘professional developer’ so you can wake up each morning with the money and time to do whatever you want.

Profit From Any Property...

Know your numbers... So you can flip, develop or control... Any property for profit... Without prior experience

After spending more than $120,000 on my own property development education (including all the major courses, seminars, private coaching and years of formal education at university), I know Property Development System is the most effective property development course available...Because it contains the exact system that took me from $0 to $1.03 million in equity / cash within my first 5 years.

Process Steps

During the property development workshop I teach 3 things via real life examples and case studies.


Property Development System - The Complete Property Development Process. The Why and The How


Lead Developer Feasibility Suite - Powerful suite of feasibility applications and real estate investment analysis.


Development Management System - How To Manage and Execute Your Developments From Finding Your 1st Project To Realizing your 1st or next property development profit.

Property Development Workshop & Investment Seminar

Property Development is the FERRARI or all property investment strategies. However, property market does not stay the same all the time. This seminar includes the complete Property Development System and the property development course associated with it. It is designed to provide a detailed understanding of every moving part of the overall framework.

This Live Seminar or Property Development Workshop also dives deep into various ways you can structure and negotiate deals and covers the strategies that help you exit at the right time to maximize profit and minimize risks.

Property Development System is not just a course, it's a provenprocess-driven step-by-step system that gives you everything you need to source, develop and profit from property without any hidden upgrades. It goes into the intricate details of not just WHAT TO DO, but exactly HOW TO DO IT. 

In the course Amber Khanna shows you exactly HOW TO use various strategies to add value to property and extract profits at various stages and across different property cycles. The course is complete in itself and includes 12 month subscription to two of Amber's financial feasibility applications listed on Google Marketplace.

Property Development Workshop Objectives And Learning Outcomes

The property development course & seminar will give you a robust understanding of property development process and phases and complexities involved. It will provide you with an overview of planning and land use decision-making to maximize the yield. All my property development courses will encourage you to think outside the box and push you to think in terms of not what you can afford, but what is possible within the realm of real estate context within which strategic decisions are made.

Detailed knowledge and real-life skills will be imparted so that you can build upon your experience and capabilities attained during the seminar. This seminar will help you to design and control outcomes that suit your individual investment needs in the short and longer terms.

On completion of my property development course and seminar, you are expected to provide detailed property development business plan i.e. project reports on your chosen development project. You will be able to back your assumptions with facts and figures and substantiate your claims related to a highest best possible use of land and use the process of logical deduction to support your decisions affecting your development project. It is expected that you will be able to demonstrate, in written and verbal form, a clear understanding of property development due diligencefinancial feasibilitiesdevelopment finance and creative deal-making i.e. property development with no money.

You are expected to possess the skills and the knowledge to source your first small-medium size townhouse or apartment development project, strategize your exit strategy, conduct your market research, site due-diligence, conduct financial feasibilities using my proprietary property development feasibility software to identify a good project from a bad one, negotiate your contract of sale, liaise with your property development team, setup, track and manage your project to completion. When you are ready, feel free to apply for my property development group mentoring program. In the meantime you can read some of my property development articles and download my property development books.

Learning Resources

  • Lifetime Access to Property Development System Online Course.
  • 12 Month subscription to Smart Feasibility Calculator and Training
  • Access to supporting Q&A Coaching Calls Library

Property Development Workshop Objectives And Learning Outcomes

There are no prerequisites to this seminar or property development workshop. However, when you sign up for the workshop, you get INSTANT ACCESS to the online property development course. It is recommended that you complete the online course before attending the workshop so you can navigate through the practical exercises & reinforce what you would have learnt from the online course.

Property development Workshops

Due To COVID - Property Development WorkShops Have Been Suspended Until Further Notice.