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Terms Beginning With - X

Property Development & Investment Glossary, Terms & Definitions


1. A mark that can stand in for a signature in some cases. If a person can't write his name, he can still show that he wants to sign by putting a "X" in the place for the signature. A witness would then write the name of the signer next to the X. When a person in front of a notary cannot sign his name, the notary must first be sure of the person's identity by asking for some proof of identification. The notary would then have the person put an X on the document, after which the notary would say something like, "X (mark of Charlie Smith)"

2. A sign on some maps that says "X marks the spot where..."


A partition's cross-bracing.

X-ray fluorescent device (XRF)

A portable tool used to find out how much lead is in any layers of lead-based paint underneath.


The ability of an organism to bore into wood; a termite trait.

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